Motorcycle fairings – what to look for

Most consumers have no idea on how to choose a motorcycle fairing. The very first step that you must take when deciding what type of fairing you will need is figuring out what type of motorcycle is in question. Is it a Yamaha, Suzuki or Kawasaki manufactured motorcycle? fiaring Choosing a fairing for your motorcycle means that you must know what type of motorcycle you have, what body structure it has and what type of fairings you would prefer. The important factor to remember is to understand every detail you can about your motorcycle first before looking for a fairing.

Another important factor that you should consider should be what the motorcycle fairing will be used for. Its function should be taken into account, will it be mainly used to reduce air drag from your motorcycle or should it also protect the rider from any hazard? Once you have determined the type, factors and functionality of the fairing then you will be able to narrow down your selection better. Once you have figured the basics out, then it is time to choose what type of motorcycle fairing you will use. You can choose between three major types of fairings: the full, half and quarter fairings. The full fairing will obviously offer the highest level of protection from air drags as well as other hazards on the road. It can also significantly increase your motorcycle’s overall aesthetics as most full fairings are masterfully crafted to also enhance the design. Half fairings and quarter fairings offer the bare function of a motorcycle fairing and will usually just include a windscreen and some minor fairing that covers a portion of the motorcycle frame. There is also the bally pan fairing which greatly decreases the aerodynamic lift of your motorcycle and are installed below your vehicle’s engine.

You should also not forget to take the weight of your motorcycle into account when looking for a motorcycle fairing. A light motorcycle will need to a lighter fairing while heavier models will need a sturdier and heavier type of fairing. However, it is important to note that you should also avoid extremely lightweight fairings for already light motorcycles. This combination is not advisable and may cause some negative effects on the performance of the motorcycle once it reaches certain speeds. Another part of the motorcycle fairing that you must decide on is the mounting type. There are two mounting types that you can choose from which include fork mounting and frame mounting. The difference between these two mounting types is that fork mounting is installed directly at the handlebars which mean you can turn the headlights as well. Frame mounting, on the other hand, is installed directly to the body which means you will not be able to move the headlights in any direction.

Knowing how to choose your own motorcycle fairing is essential to make the most out of your purchase. Know the details concerning your motorcycle type and the various fairings available and you will find the best combination for your motorcycle.