Logitech G810

In a market that’s been saturated with a lot of gaming peripherals, Logitech has no intentions of backing down.

In fact, they’ve released their own RGB line of peripherals and they call it the “Orion Spectrum”. Logitech is not shy of calling their products with shiny names.

But, shiny names do not matter if they cannot deliver in terms of performance, right? Does this apply to their new line of gaming keyboards as well?

Today, I am going to talk about the Logitech G810. This is a simple version of their new gaming keyboard that is purportedly much better than any other gaming keyboard on the market.

With such bold claims, can they truly deliver with the Logitech G810? We will find out in this article.

The Logitech G810 is built solidly thanks to the metal construction. It also has a braided cable for added durability and there is a Logitech “G” logo at the upper left part of the gaming keyboard.

There are also controls for lighting, a gaming switch that can disable the Windows Key, and there is a volume slider situated on the upper right side of the keyboard.

Today, a gaming keyboard will not be a gaming keyboard if it doesn’t come with a mechanical switch.

Mechanical switches have been highly favored nowadays because of its tactile feel and unparalleled performance when it comes to gaming.

Since Cherry MX doesn’t have the patent for mechanical switches anymore, a lot of companies have come up with their very own switches.

Logitech is incorporating their very own “Romer-G” switches, which, according to the company, is purportedly better than its competitors.

The Romer-G switches provide little resistance, so it is still considered a linear switch. The beauty of these switches it provides a good tactile feedback without the noise that is present with other mechanical switches (most notably the Cherry MX blues).

These Romer-G switches are not only good for gaming but it can also be good for typing as well. Without the noise bothering you and the tactile feedback giving you a certain response, you will not only be able to type fast but you will also type accurately as well.

Although the Logitech G810 doesn’t have dedicated macro keys, you can still program macros with the use of the Logitech gaming software.

Aside from assigning macros, you can also control the lighting scheme of the gaming keyboard.

The beauty of the Logitech Gaming software when it comes to gaming is that you can assign a specific profile for a certain game.

For example, if you’re playing Overwatch, the keys will automatically change color depending on the character you’re using.

Obviously, there are a lot of lighting options present when you’re playing other games. I am glad that they followed suit with Razer as this is actually a great thing when it comes to aesthetics.

The Romer-G switches are probably not as prominent as other mechanical switches, but they do the job. Couple that with the customization that the Logitech Software gives you, the Logitech G810 is a good choice for gamers.