Company that inculcated gaming in the blood

I was in my early ten’s when I first played or used a cassette or a chip gaming console, the first ever game I have played is Super Mario by Nintendo a Japanese electronics and software company that took gaming to a whole new level making every kid and video game shopkeeper busy since its very launch. It is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Super Mario isn’t just a game for many gamers it’s the hour of need for many users as Television bored the kids quite often. Due to the Urbanization and the Industrialization parents became very busy with work and they kept their children occupied by making them play games avoiding many physical issues that the children might face.

Nintendo is a very well established company with large base all around the world, it is a very strong competitor for Lego which is another multinational toy production company. nintendo was found in 1889 and now it is a 127-year-old company operating with a 32 billion USD income which places the company in the top 20% majority of the world multinational corporations. Japanese have a very interesting way to innovation and their ideas took the world by storm Nintendo is just an example for the large productivity they come with.

It all started with playing card named “Hanafuda” in 1889 the key attraction is that the cards are handmade which further pushed the consumers to opt for it. Having seen many up’s and down’s in its career Nintendo has never fallen off the bridge. It was built on concrete focus on entertainment which never let the company down. The Love tester and Ultra Machine were the best of that time which gained more and more popularity and they are very crowd pulling that every love bird laid their hands on the Love Tester.

Nintendo is a specialist in producing gaming consoles and games. Gaming consoles include Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii a motion-controlled console, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS XL, etc. Games include the very Iconic Super Mario, dashing James bond 007 games, cricket, basketball, baseball, what not it has developed more than 50,000 games making it be the ideal brand or a natural choice for many of the buyers. It has service facility with both Electronic and physical stores making it furthermore comfortable to the buyers both for the purchase and for the service too.

Nintendo has a very proud past which is now advancing the present by tying up with the very prominent American Smartphone giant “APPLE” and released the new version of Super Mario which saw more than a million downloads in a day. It’s presence in the smart world and smartphones are not a less iconic than any huge game developer. Its various tie-ups are landing Nintendo in a very safe and profitable margin where they are constantly subjected to demand and strict investor centric. Nintendo is the selfless king for the consoles and gaming genre. The company boasts that the key to their success is discipline and integrity with which their employees strive to bring a change in the world.